Hi, my name is Philip, and I go by the handle, Knightmare6, when it comes to photography and videography, for the vast majority of my works. I am based in the City of New York, and can be found shooting along the NYC Tri-State region, as well as occasionally other parts of the Northeastern Coast.

          Some of my favorite things to photograph are concerts and cosplay portraits. I've been a long-time comic book reader and viewer of various science fiction shows, and I love the devotion and energy of the cosplayers I shoot, as they show their love of the fandom by recreating the outfits of the characters from those shows and books. As a long-time music lover, I love the chaos and frenetic nature of shooting in the pit, trying to find the right angle, while anticipating the unexpected shot while dodging the blinding rays of light from the stage's lighting rigs.


- In 2006, I was co-nominated for a New York Emmy Award for the Editing of the television show, Secrets of New York.

- I was again co-nominated in 2008 for the New York Emmy Awards for the category of PSA Campaign, because of the Green NYC PSAs that aired across New York City.

- In 2008, I was a finalist for the Fall 2008 Wildsound Feature Film Screenplay Festival for an adapted screenplay of Darkhawk, based on the self-titled character/comic book by Marvel Comics.

- In 2015, I won a Bronze Telly Award for my series of TV short form interstitials, Jus'Cos, which focused on the Cosplay and Convention culture/fandom.

          If you are interested in hiring me to shoot, to cover an event, or to request an image(s) for commercial use, please feel free to contact me via e-mail: knightmare6@aol.com

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Photo Credits: Con.Pics | Future Photography By M3 | Cozpho Photography

Cosplayers: Leslie Aufancy | Rae Marie Cosplay | Hikaru Cosplay | Oksana Cosplay | Joanna Mari Cosplay | Riley Stark Cosplay | Wild Cat Cosplay | Negative Stacey | Siryn

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